Paradisespa The Spa & Massage Centre In Dehradun

We are one of the most recommended spa and massage centre in Nehru Colony. If you are looking for the best massage in order to heal your body and mind tension, you must once take our spa services you would like to return again and again.

Our Services

Full Body Massage

paradise spa provides exciting offers in full body massage in dehradun. this massage is beneficial for our body and mind, which helps to improve your body physically and mentally.

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Balinese Massage

we offer the balinese massage from our massage experts in dehradun. The balinese massage is the best suitable massage for boosting your circulation and also reduces stress and helps in body rebalancing.

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Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage is provided in paradise spa best for those who are acually looking massage for medical injuries such as sports injuries or strains. if you are looking for massage experts you are at the right place.

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Swedish Massage

swedish massage is the best ever massage which helps in detoxicating the body and increases the oxygen level in the blood. Get this massage with the experts at paradise spa and massage centre near you.

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Aroma Massage

In this massage essential oils are used which is absorbed by the body. This massage helps to improve circulation in the massaged portion, and it helps to stimulate muscles. Great Deals in aroma massage, get it done by best experts

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Thai Massage

if you are having stiffness or sore in your body or having arthritis problem you can get this massage. Thai massage having its root from spiritual traditions, and its main purpose is to heal a person physically and emotionally and also spiritually.

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Paradisespa The Perfact Day Massage & Spa Centre For Men & Women

Best Western Massage Centre

If you are looking for a massage centre for body relaxation and mindfulness you are in the perfect place. We are the massage centre who have the specialty in western masssage and having the massage experts. Our massage experts are having the great experience in their field who are able to provide you the medication massage ( for cronic pain or stiffness) or the massage for the body and mind relaxation, body posture, improving the immune system and many more.

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Why Get Massage?


after a heavy schedule, the massage can provide you the great feel of relaxation, which can be very much helpful for your body and mind for future goals

Reduce Stress

stress can degrade your body and mind, a perfect massage can become a boon for you as the massage is known as best stress healer

Maintains Blood Pressure

various massage techniques like stroking, gliding etc. helps to improves the pressure in the body and takes care of skin

Muscle Relaxation

massage is best known for muscles stress relaxation. In many massage techniques, it's always discussed

Improves Body Posture

as the massage is done specifically for muscles and bones, so it can also improve the body posture as in massage, experts deal with bone positioning and muscles too.

Improves Body Immune System

if the massage is done regularly so the body will be relaxed, stress-free and in good blood and oxygen circulation, which may help in improving the immune system too

Get Extra Discount On Massage & Spa Therapy

Paradisespa is providing the huge discounts in all massage therapies call us now to book your appointment

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